above: Custom grape clipboard; Innovative Premiums designed translucent 16-inch ruler; see-through digital business-card holder; custom tissue box; write-on, wipe-off anatomical chart.

Innovative Premiums maintains a strict social responsibility code of conduct. We require all manufacturers, shippers and other members of the supply chain to abide by similarly rigorous guidelines.

To ensure compliance, Innovative Premiums' manufacturing managers visit our suppliers and/or conduct third-party Social Responsibility audits.

We ensure that all workers are of legal age, that they are provided regularly-scheduled breaks, that they are provided proper safety equipment, that they are fairly compensated and that they have a clean, safe working environment.

Additionally our manufacturing partners, suppliers and shippers are required to meet all local, applicable worker-safety and environmental regulations.

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ctpatInnovative Premiums is a
C-TPAT certified importer with the United States Customs and Border Patrol.

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